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Green Drinks Valencia forma parte de una red social internacional integrada por personas de diversos perfiles profesionales, motivadas por  un fin común:

"Hacer  de este nuestro Planeta un lugar mejor y más justo"

Compartir nuestras experiencias, conocimientos e ideas, a  efecto de generar una conciencia colectiva que permita dar los pasos necesarios para vivir de una forma sostenible, responsable y comprometida con el Medio ambiente.

Para ello organizamos una  reunión mensual, en  un  ambiente relajado y distendido, que invita a debatir, proyectar y apoyar, distintas iniciativas  propias o bien de otros colectivos involucrados en acciones  dirigidas a  sostenibilidad, eficiencia energética, comercio justo, ecología y consumo responsable. 

                         URBAN GREEN TERRACES VALENCIA

CITIES are the way of the future, by 2050, the UN estimates that 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities.

Coping with the stresses on infrastructure that this impending urban explosion will bring, involving some long-term planning, keeping them liveable and sustainable.

The basis of URBAN GREEN TERRACES is, Use and re-use dead spaces as terraces, in a way to create a place to produce electricity (reducing the transport loses), bring shelter, grow shrubs and vegetables, providing an instant green effect, a better air and lower temperatures. Also with a special solar panel design to collect rain water and use it in gardening, using efficient watering systems.

Opportunity to create new green jobs (Terrace gardening & farming) and inspire new habits in the communities, transforming empty hot terraces in a natural and welcoming environment.

Cities that provide green surfaces, soothe their citizens and gain a competitive advantage.  

We integrate a modular system based in a light structure to support Amorphous Silicon photovoltaic panels in a way to obtain electricity, while preserving the building, colect rain water and develope  the concept of green terraces. The community should re invest the profits of selling electricity in the bulding maintenace.

We are trying to solve  some environmental issues, integrating actual technologies and it´s potencial with a flexible design to re use a very important surface, using resources that are generally wasted ( e.g rain water), improving derelict roof buildings in the city and also creating new green jobs.